Who we are

In our vision the Armenian culture is something to be continuously cultivated, enriched, treasured, and shared from generation to generation. We need to actively ensure that people continue to appreciate the Armenian treasures of history and their contribution. The main objective of the Euro Armenian Games (EAG) is to bring all the European Armenian diaspora athletes of the various European communities and organizations to an annual sports event, which takes place at Easter weekend .

What we do

Our mission is to organize tournaments aimed at uniting Armenian athletes through sports, allowing them to establish and renew friendly and social contacts, and also improve cooperation between the various Armenian diaspora organizations locally and internationally. The EAG Management Board is committed to achieving financial and organizational sustainability.

How we do it

Armenian sports organizations from European cities or countries take turns hosting the EAG. Hosting candidates must submit their written applications to host the event, to the EAG Management Board at least twelve months before the date of the Games. The EAG Management Board, which consists of representatives of various Armenian organizations, which were actively involved in the launch and in the continuation of these traditional sports tournaments, assesses the applications based on a checklist drawn up by former organizing members.