House rules

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Euro Armenian Games house rules

General house rules

1. Registrations should be organized via an official Armenian organisation.

2. It’s not allowed that any sport team can have more than one non-Armenian participant.

3. All participants should check in person at Euro Armenian Games registration desk.

4. All instructions of the EAG host organization must be followed.

5. All athletes and guests are obligated to wear the EAG wristbands (or other recognizable tool determined by the EAG host) during the EAG weekend.

6. Access to the hotel, breakfast, sports and evening events is only possible with the EAG wristband.

7. In case a wristband breaks it should be saved and handed over to the organisation, who will provide you with a new wristband.

8. Losing a wristband will be investigated by the organisation and can lead to an extra charge. Fraud will result to exclusion from the entire event. This includes removal from the hotel.

9. Misbehaving during sport competition means disqualifying from the tournament.

10. Misbehaving during the event in any accommodation can result in excluding from the entire event.

11. Misbehaving to EAG committee members and EAG host, volunteers and referees means exclusion from the entire event. This includes removal from the hotel.

12. Disqualification and/or exclusion from the event will not result in a refund.

13. The EAG host is not responsible for any theft and losses of personal properties.

14. The use of alcohol is prohibited for persons under the age of 18.

15. The EAG host takes no responsibility for misbehaviour and abuse of alcohol/drugs etc.


Sport house rules

16. For the team- and sport regulations we refer to the sport rules included sport section.

17. Each sport athlete can only chose one sport.

18. The EAG host has the right to change or cancel any sports if there are insufficient participants. These participants will be informed and requested to join another sport.

19. The EAG host gives great importance to Fair play in sports. Every team/athlete carries the responsibility for Fair play. The referees will be instructed to make the EAG a Fair play tournament.

20. The tournament rules for the sports are provided by the EAG host.

21. The presence of all team captains at the captains meeting is mandatory.



22. All participants should be in possession of Health and Accident insurances.

23. The EAG host is not responsible for any damage made in the sports arena, hotel, bus or any physical damage during sports. The costs of damage will be recovered from the responsible.