1. A basketball team consists of 10 players and 1 coach

2. Only one non-European athlete per team sports is eligible to take part (first come first serve principle). It’s not allowed that any sports team can have more than one non-Armenian participant. Non-Armenians who have proven (ID card or other governmental document) first-degree (married or child) family relation with an Armenian person are not counted as non-Armenian players

3. For the team sports athletes, the minimum age is 14+ years. Athletes turning this age during the year of the EAG will be accepted.

4. The game is played 5 against 5

5. The “standard” size court is 28 m × 15 m

6. The flooring is based on hard material


Group and final stages

7. The group and knockout stage game length is determined by the EAG host

8. If the score is equal, overtime will be played and continues until there is a winner. This overtime minutes is determined by the EAG host

9. Total number of timeouts incl. the length of the time out is determined by the EAG host

10. No time out are allowed for the last couple of minutes, this will be determined by each EAG host

11. The game is played with stopping the time for the last couple of minute or minutes, this is determined by the EAG host

12. Not showing up on time (EAG schedule) means automatic loss of the game


Basic Rules:

13. Players may be changed without restriction, unless a maximum number of personal faults are committed. The total number of personal faults is determined by the EAG host.

14. Offenses: ball out, second dribbling, traveling, running, soccer or stumps,  play back to their own half or 3-seconds in the restricted area

15. Errors: push, charge, unauthorized use of the hands and swear

16. A block is allowed, however this can also be judged as wrong;

– A player can be blocked by the shooting. This is not a fault when the defense hits on the ball and not on the hands or arms

– A player can be blocked during the Lay-up. This is almost always wrong, unless the defender is stationary

17. After a number of team errors (determined by the EAG host), there are 2 free throws awarded to the opponent

18. The 24 seconds rule during the Euro Armenian Games will be determined by the EAG host



2 points for a winning match

0 points for a lost game or by disqualification



When teams in the group stage has an equal number of points,  first the goal difference counts

– Example: 148 goals for and 130 goal against counts as + 18

If the goal difference is equal, the number of scored goals is counting

When the number of scored goals is also equal, the mutual result counts


During the tournament the house rules and general terms and condition of the Euro Armenian Games are applicable.


For cases where the above rules are not adequate enough, refer to the basketball rules of the International Basketball Federation FIBA. These can be found at